Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Musings...

Happy Monday everyone!!

I had a cool experience last week. My aunt bought a 1989 Corvette from a guy in Ohio. I had the opportunity to ride over there and drive it from Hillsboro, Ohio to Bedford, Indiana!! For a 20 year old vehicle, it is in pretty good shape... and should clean up very nicely. Here's a pic of my ride for the day. =)

People have asked me if I now want a Corvette. My answer is NO!!! I enjoyed driving it... but if you've ever seen a bunch of clowns get out of a car, that's what I looked like getting out of it.

I cannot believe that Christmas is this week!

I'm really bothered by what is going on in congress right now. Pray that men and women of principle would be our principal men and women.

The Indianapolis Colts are now the only undefeated team left in the NFL. Not sure if they can go all they way... but I sure hope they do!!

Sunday was a busy day... we combined into one morning service at church. It's always nice to set out the extra chairs and see the room full.

Then I had a funeral at 2 PM for Betty Huffines. She was a sweet lady from our church.

Last night our church choir presented their Christmas cantata. If you want to hear it, it will be broadcast on WITZ radio at 4 PM on Christmas Day.

That's all for now... better get back to work!

Merry Christmas!


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