Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Lessons from the book: Derailed

I came across some great lessons from a new book called "Derailed: 5 Lessons Learned from Catastrophic Failures in Leadership."

Derailed shares the stories of six high profile leaders who failed and what we can learn about how to be better leaders. The fact is we all have the potential to "derail" in our own job and life.

What are the five big lessons we learn from studying those who derailed?

1.Character Trumps Competence - While being good at what we do is essential, more people fail because of some issue related to character.

2.Arrogance is the Mother of All Derailers - When I start believing that I am indispensable to the life of the organization I lead, I can become dismissive towards others.

3.Lack of Self/Other Awareness is a Common Denominator of All Derailments - The first person we have to lead is our self. Failure in leading self results in being derailed.

4.We Are Always Who We Are…Especially Under Stress - Stress brings out what’s inside us. If you don’t think you have a dark side to your character, then you probably haven’t been under enough stress! Wise leaders manage their stress levels and mitigate its pernicious impact on our behavior.

5.Derailment is Not Inevitable, but without Attention to Development, it is Probable - Derailment is a process that proceeds in predictable stages. Ignoring the early warning signs puts us in great danger.

Good lessons for everyone!!

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Jason Thomas said...

great content. Our character should always be the same and really determines how we act, lead, and treat others.