Monday, November 02, 2009

Monday Musings...

I love having the extra hour of sleep when we turn our clocks back... but I always mismanage it!!

I preached on humility yesterday at church. Last Friday, I jokingly put on my facebook and twitter status that "I'm preaching on humility Sunday. I hope a large crowd shows up to hear my sermon."

Can you believe that we had the second largest attendance of the fall!?!? We were only 44 people shy of what our attendance was for our 100th anniversary celebration.

I must say that my sermon on humility was great. =) ha ha just kidding!!

Having pride in our relationships with other people demonstrates a lack of humility in our relationship with God.

I was given tickets to see Fee in concert this month down in Evansville. SWEET!!!!

Have a great Monday!!!

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darrel said...

I think my sermon on humility was better. Just joking.