Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Energy Drinks...

I had a difficult time waking up Sunday morning.

Even after taking a shower, I found myself feeling "asleep."

I was dragging that morning.

Our first worship service had started and I was doing everything I could to wake myself up. Finally, I walked out of the sanctuary and sat down in the foyer.

Sitting in the foyer I thought to myself, "I should go home and get an energy drink out of my fridge. That will wake me up."

But as soon as I thought that, I began to pray, "God... I don't need an energy drink, I need Your Spirit. I need Your passion and power this morning."

I stayed in the foyer praying for a few minutes... then I walked back into the sanctuary just as the special music was beginning before the sermon. I put my mic on and got ready to walk to the stage.

I still felt tired.

But something was different.

After a sermon it is typical to get comments saying "nice job" or something similar that is complimentary. But there was a difference in the comments I received after that service.

I had several people come to me and say that God's Spirit used that sermon. Comments were made about how powerful that sermon was.

Honestly... I know how I felt and from my perspective there wasn't anything powerful about what I did.

But isn't that how God works?

When we are weak... HE is strong!!

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Jason Thomas said...

I liked that. And it's so true. All we need is God, and when we realized He is all we need. We won't need for anything else.