Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sometimes it causes me to tremble...

I like church programs.

I want to go on record by saying that I have nothing personal against church programs.

But I have come to the conclusion that church programs can replace an authentic relationship with God. We think that as long as we continue to show up at the building, everything is fine between us and God.

Why do I think this?

Because it has happened to me.

Why is it that the church seems to be doing more and more and yet making less and less of an impact?

James talks about people demonstrating their faith (or relationship with God) by their deeds.

Maybe the trouble today is that we have deeds, but no faith. We have no foundation in God. We do not know who HE is.

James said that even the demons believe - and tremble!!

How often do I tremble at the thought of God?

Last Friday when I attended the leadership conference at Southeast Christian Church, there was a point in the worship service where I became terrified.

I had written on this blog previously that it was one of the most powerful worship services I've been to... but I hadn't revealed why. Basically, it was because...

I was afraid.

I was literally scared.

I knew my life has areas that are not submitted to Christ.

I knew that in the presence of a Holy God I was found to be severely lacking.

And I was afraid.

For too long I've focused on image management, rather than heart management. I have placed more concern or "fear" over what others might think than I have worried about what God might think. I have been focusing on deeds that pacify rather than searching out what I believe.

This is crucial because what I believe will truly determine what I do.

I think I need to tremble more...

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Jason Thomas said...

loved the article. thanks for being real.