Monday, July 13, 2009

Purpose in Pain...

If you have been alive for any amount of time you understand that life can hurt.

Sadly, I am often the cause of my pain. I remember being told not to touch a hot stove when I was a child. So what did I do? I touched the stove and burned my hand.

I was no child prodigy.

Many times we want to cry out to God when we experience pain. Often I am tempted to ask "Why?" when going through a difficult time. But then I realize that I am usually the cause of the pain I experience.

I have rebelled.

I have failed to listen to wise counsel.

I have neglected to fulfill my responsibilities.

The result of my decisions is pain.

Kind of depressing isn't it?

The good news is that God can work through our situations. While it requires patience on our part, eventually we can find purpose in the pain.

Our prayer should be for God to use our pain and mold us into the people we should be.

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