Monday, January 29, 2007

The Empty Chair

We had an excellent worship service yesterday. Everything flowed so smoothly. It was very inspiring and worshipful. Yesterday was one of those days you were simply excited to be at church! (I love the fact that people are excited about coming to Central. I'm thrilled people are inviting their friends to come. I just pray that our excitement remains focused on God and His amazing love for us.)

Last night in our men's Bible study I stumbled upon an excellent idea. I'll simply call it "The Empty Chair." We were discussing our small groups and Kevin, our group leader, started talking about why he always sets an empty chair in the circle. Kevin insisted that if you have 10 people, you need to set out 11 chairs. This is to remind us that we continually are looking to grow. We constantly need to pray that God would lead us to people so we can fill the empty chair.

I began thinking about our Sunday morning crowd. I'm going to start challenging our church to look at their rows and see the empty chair. Start praying for someone you know that can fill the empty chair. Then look for opportunities to invite them to fill that empty chair.

Could be a good idea!

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preacherman said...

I have heard of the empty chair concept and I like it.