Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Uncle Buck Theology...

I need a haircut. I really do. I looked at myself in the mirror this morning (which is something I don't enjoy doing) and saw that I could officially be named "Shaggy." I've actually known that I needed a haircut for 2 weeks, but I've been putting it off until Friday when I can go to Uncle Buck's Barber Shop in Hillsboro, Ohio! Woo hoo!

Yes, that is the actual name of the barber shop. Uncle Buck's. My friend Bill runs it. Bill is a genius. I call him a genius because his barber shop is in the middle of an alley, yet there is constantly a line making you wait to get your hair cut by Bill. When you go to Buck's, plan on waiting at least 30 minutes to get your haircut.

Even though it requires a small loan to pay for a haircut at Uncle Buck's... I know that I'll be waiting around Friday waiting for a chance to sit in the chair.

Have you ever thought about how easy it is to know when you need a haircut? When it comes to hair, you just have to look in the mirror... or your wife will tell you it's too long... or you think there is a solar eclipse, but it's really just hair falling over your eyes. These are indicators you need a haircut.

I wish measuring our spiritual life was as easy as knowing when to cut your hair. Sometimes it is difficult for me to gauge how I'm doing spiritually. I know I should be doing very well, but honestly... it's a struggle.

It's not that I really doubt God exists or anything like that. Sure from time to time I will question the logic, and when I question the logic, it seems more logical that God exists rather than He doesn't exist. My questions deal more along the lines of how faith "works" during the week.
  • What does Jesus really expect from me?
  • How did Jesus live a perfect life?
  • How could He spend time around people and yet not be influenced by the crowd?
  • If Jesus and I were eating at a restaurant, what would Jesus say to me?
  • Would Jesus pick up the check? (just kidding!)
  • Would Jesus laugh at my jokes?
What is it that made people want to be around Jesus? After all, He told them that His burden was light. The expectation level couldn't have been too repelling.

Bill has a successful barber shop because he has created an atmosphere where guys want to be. When you walk into Buck's, you see autographed posters on the wall from NBA, MLB, Golf, and various music stars. The TV is always on ESPN or a good action movie. There are trophies around the room from softball tournaments that Bill's team has won. There is an old football helmet in there.

Lately I've been thinking that hanging out with Jesus would be a lot like hanging out at Uncle Buck's. Jesus was a person you wanted to be around. At least, that's the impression I get from reading the Bible. But people didn't want to hang around Jesus because He had a cool barber shop. Jesus was a guy who attracted a crowd because He was real.

Maybe that's what Jesus expects from me? Maybe He wants me to be the person I was created to be? Maybe I'll know how I'm doing spiritually when I am totally authentic?

When I go into the barber shop on Friday, I'm going to think about "Uncle Buck Theology." I'm going to imagine Jesus is sitting in one of the chairs. Then, I'm going to have a great time laughing and talking sports with Bill.

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