Sunday, May 21, 2006

Hmmmm... Mel still rocks! :)

I found this poll on George Barna's website...

Da Vinci Code Confirms Rather Than Changes People’s Religious Views

(Ventura, CA) – Dan Brown’s novel, The Da Vinci Code , has sold more copies than any other fictional work in U.S. history. With the release of the movie adaptation on May 19, interest in this controversial tale has risen substantially.

A new nationwide survey by The Barna Group says that the book has impacted millions of lives – but perhaps not in the way that many Christians have imagined.

According to the Barna research, The Da Vinci Code has been read “cover to cover” by roughly 45 million adults in the U.S. – that’s one out of every five adults (20%). That makes it the most widely read book with a spiritual theme, other than the Bible, to have penetrated American homes.

The audience profile of the book is intriguing. Despite critical comments and warnings from the Catholic hierarchy, American Catholics are more likely than Protestants to have read it (24% versus 15%, respectively). Among Protestants, those associated with a mainline church are almost three times more likely than those associated with non-mainline Protestant congregations to have read the book.

The study also explored whether or not the book caused people to change some of their religious beliefs. Among the 45 million who have read The Da Vinci Code , only 5% - which represents about two million adults – said that they changed any of the beliefs or religious perspectives because of the book’s content.

The opening weekend box office for the Da Vinci Code movie ranked 13th all time. Da Vinci brought in $77 million.

Did you know that Spiderman has the record for best opening weekend?
Spidey brought in $114.8 million in its debut!

The cool thing is that Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ ranked 11th all time with $88.3 million during it's opening weekend.


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